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Kibosh Affiliate Program
Build residual income!

Once you sign up to be an affiliate, your Kibosh account is set to Affiliate / Partner and you're given a unique URL linked to your Affiliate Account ID that can be placed in any number of online marketing materials.

Whenever a potential customer visits Kibosh's store through your affiliate's link, all orders and sales generated from your URL will be recorded by the Kibosh Affiliate Program system, allowing you to easily track the effectiveness of your efforts.

Affiliate Payout Levels:

  • Level One Primary: 15%
  • Sub-Affiliate:
    • Level 2: .5%
    • Level 3: .5%
    • Level 4: .5%
    • Level 5: .5%
Level One Primary Affiliates are paid 15% off the initial sale, and each time that customer renews their subscription so you can build residual revenue.

A sub-affiliate is essentially an affiliate of an affiliate. In fact, sub-affiliates can even have their own sub-affiliates. This hierarchy is broken down into level 1 (primary), level 2, level 3, level 4, and level 5 affiliates. A Level One Affiliate is paid .5% of all sub-affiliate sales up to four levels deep.

Payment is issued via computer-printable checks. The minimum payout is $50, i.e. you will get your first check at $50 in sales. Once you pass that mark monthly you will receive the total amount of sales for that month, each month.

You can access your Affiliate Page by logging in at www.kibosh.net, and go to MyAccount Page:

My Account - once inside your Affiliate Page you can easily track your sales, and your sub-affiliates:

Access Your Link - embed this link into everything: email, HTML, banner ads, etc. Anyone who visits Kibosh through your link will be tracked, and you will get credit.

Use Advertising Tools - click to generate banner ads with blocks of HTML code you can embed in your site like this:

Welcome to the team and good luck building residual income. Please let us know if you have any questions, or feedback.